Support for Amendment 7

    MSPE Supports Amendment 7 – Transportation Funding

    The Missouri Society of Professional Engineers (MSPE) believes it is critical to fund our infrastructure.  Missouri has reached a critical crossroad as it relates to maintaining and improving our state’s transportation infrastructure.

    • The time is now, we must invest in our infrastructure
    • Over the past decade MoDOT and local governments have proven to be good stewards of our tax dollars, and accountable for their commitments
    • We must address deficiencies of our substantial and vital transportation system, which help drive the economy of Missouri.

    MoDOT’s “On the Move” campaign has listened to the desires of Missouri citizens from across the state and created a list of project commitments to deliver with new program financing. Passage of this year’s funding measure will allow MoDOT and local governments the ability to keep up with funding for maintenance of the current system plus invest in projects identified through the “On the Move” outreach. A portion of the funding will be used to improve the I-70 corridor. Local regions throughout Missouri will be able to prioritize improvements to their secondary systems, improving shoulders, access points to schools, intersections and interchanges around the state. Regional
    priorities for alternate transportation, along with improved connections to rail, air and port will give our citizens the tools needed to compete in the global market.

    The State of Missouri and other organizations have studied many different revenue options to address this problem. The stark reality is there is no painless method to raise the needed funds to meet our infrastructure needs. Vehicles that are more fuel-efficient or use alternative-energy are affecting the reliability of traditional petroleum fuel taxes as the lone source of revenues to fund the system. The largest single demand for maintenance and additional capacity on the highway system stems from the movement of goods. Studies have shown placing a tax on the sale of these goods; with the exception of food, gas, and medical expenses; is the most direct and efficient way to pay for these needs. These funds can also be used to fund other transportation modes used to travel and transport goods across Missouri, such as railroads, aviation, ports and mass transit.

    MSPE believes it is critical to fund our transportation infrastructure providing MoDOT and localgovernments the ability to maintain and operate our systems efficiently. For this, and the reasons stated above, MSPE encourages support for Constitutional Amendment 7-Transportation Sales Tax on the August 5, 2014 ballot.

    MSPE represents licensed professional engineers from all disciplines working in government, industry, education, construction, and private practice across the state. As licensed professional engineers, we have sworn to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, and safe transportation infrastructure is one way to support that mission.  MSPE Amendment 7 Position Statement

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