MSPE Participates in Higher Education Blueprint Steering Committee

    MSPE's Executive Director, Bruce Wylie, was appointed to the Mo. Department of Higher Education's Coordinated Plan Steering Committee, link here , to represent STEM education interests.  After a series of public hearings around the state, the Steering Committee met recently to formulate a plan of action to present to the Coordinating Board for Higher Edcuation at their September 2 meeting.  

    Left to right:  Dr. David Russell, Commissioner, Missouri Department of Higher Education, Bruce Wylie, MSPE, and Jim Anderson, Co-Chair of the Coordinated Plan Steering Committee and Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs, CoxHealth, Springfield, MO

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    NSPE 2015 Annual Meeting - Seattle

    MSPE officers, staff and others attended the NSPE national convention in Seattle recently.  Program titles included:  The Future of the Professional Engineer; The Decline of Engineering Judgment; NSPE's Engineering Body of Knowledge and Importance of Competency Models.  Missouri State Representative (and MSPE member), Bart Korman, PE, PLS gave a presentation entitled:  The Path to Political Office:  Encouraging Involvement in the Political Process.

    MSPE Executive Director, Bruce Wylie (left) with Missouri State Representative Bart Korman, PE, PLS at the NSPE Annual Meeting.

    MSPE members at the NSPE Annual Convention.  L to R:  Matt Bedinghaus, MSPE Pres-elect; Gary Strack, MSPE Past President; Rep. Bart Korman; Jonathan Lamones (Boeing engineer); Steve Hutti, PEI; Breck Washam, MSPE President and NSPE House of Delegates Rep.; Bruce Wylie, MSPE Executive Director.  Not pictured:  Jo Emerick. 

    Matt Bedinghaus receives a ring during the Order of the Engineer Ceremony in Seattle. 

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