Membership Focused

    MSPE's Membership Committee met at the MSPE office on Friday, Aug. 26.  Chaired by Jason Sommerer, PE and staffed by Stacey Meyer, MSPE Membership Coordinator, the committee representatives from all chapters but Rolla had a productive day developing a plan of action to increase MSPE Membership.  Committee members:  Jacob Bradley, PE, SE Chapter President (for Sean McConnaughey); Andy Mueller, PE, Ozark Chapter; Kevin McMeel, PE, SE Chapter; Jeff Hoevelmann, PE; St. Louis Chapter; Matt Walker, PE, NE Chapter; Jason Haynam, PE, Central Chapter; Zachary Troesser, EI, JC Chapter; Tim Klein, PE, NW Chapter; and Tom Greer, PE, Western Chapter (absent).  MSPE President Matt Bedinghaus, PE, and MSPE Executive Director Bruce Wylie attended to provide support to this important MSPE statewide committee.

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    Ozark Chapter Shrimp Feed

    The Ozark Chapter Shrimp Feed was held August 11 at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.  MSPE's Executive Committee held its first meeting of the new year at Palmerton & Parrish's office.  MSPE President Matt Bedinghaus, PE, gaveled in the new group, conducted the business of MSPE and the Educational Foundation before adjourning for the famous Shrimp Feed. 

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    Missouri Engineer - Summer Edition

    The latest e-issue of The Missouri Engineer, THE SUMMER ISSUE, the official publication of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, IS NOW OUT!

    This SUMMER ME focuses on the annual changing of the guard in MSPE's leadership along with the society's successful 79th Annual Convention. Inside you will find the following articles and much more:

    • President's Message from Matt Bedinghaus, P.E. ... Page 2

    Discover what President Bedinghaus has planned for MSPE in 2016-2017 and how you can get involved in "It's What We Do" during the upcoming year.  

    • What's the Value of Your Membership ...  Page 3

    Read Past President Ben Ross' account of his eye-opening experience and the payoff provided by this MSPE membership

    • It Takes All of Us  ... Page 4

    What can be done about MSPE's declining membership? Read the ideas generated during the 2016-2017 Orientation held as part of MSPE's Annual Convention.

    • 13th Annual Fall PDH Days ... Page 8

    Answer our Request for Presentation Proposals and mark December 6 and 7 on your calendar to attend this year's 2-day continuing competency event!

    • Congratulations, New Professional Engineers ...  Page 9

    Four MSPE members are among the State of Missouri's newly licensed P.E.'s. Take a minute to congratulate them on their accomplishment and also check out the list for other new P.E.'s you might know and invite them to the P.E. Ceremony hosted by MSPE. Click the link below to open the digital edition of The Missouri Engineer:

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    UMKC Civil Review Course

    REGISTRATION INFO  DEADLINE IS AUG. 22ND!  Engineers who are planning to take the Civil Engineering PE Exam in October 2016 or April 2017.  Professional engineers may find this course useful for updating skills in areas outside their normal practice with the benefit of earning PDHs for re-licensure.  By taking this course, a PE can earn three PDHs for each technical session attended. Attend the sessions you choose the topics of interest you, such as: 

    • Structural 
    • Transportation
    • Geotechnical
    • Water and Environment
    • Construction 

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    On August 3, PEs across the globe came together to celebrate the first annual Professional Engineers Day. Designed to increase awareness and appreciation of PEs, this mostly virtual event saw NSPE members, partner organizations, engineering firms, engineering schools, and even the general public recognizing the event and using the #LicensedPEDay hashtag across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    The interactions on social media platforms were impressive:


    • Close to 2,000 total tweets of the #LicensedPEDay hashtag from more than 600 individual contributors resulted in a total Twitter audience of over 600,000 with over 3.7 million hashtag impressions.
    • Tweets came from around the globe, including from South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

    More than 1,300 photos and 14 videos were shared on Twitter using the #LicensedPEDay hashtag.


    • Around 500 posts were tagged with the #LicensedPEDay hashtag on Facebook.
    • More than 1200 people were reached through the creation of the "PE Day" event on NSPE's Facebook page.
    • NSPE's page saw over 400 page views on August 3, with over 7,500 people reached by posts to the page (almost a 70% increase over page statistics for July).
    • Posts on NSPE's Facebook page received 521 reactions, 244 shares, and 41 comments.

    The idea for PE Day came from Immediate Past President Tim Austin, P.E., F.NSPE, as a way to give separate recognition to PEs apart from National Engineers Week and the US Science and Engineering Festival, which focus on the profession at large. Through discussions with staff and leaders, the concept and plan for the inaugural event were developed and the first Wednesday of August was selected to correlate with the first professional engineering license being issued to Charles Bellamy in Wyoming in August 1907.

    Next year's event will be held on Wednesday, August 2, 2017..

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